Myths of Metal Roofing

Metal Roof on house

There are many myths of metal roofing. Many people ask us: Is a Metal Roof loud? When it rains, it is going to sound thunderous in my home? This couldn’t be farther from the truth! This myth arises when people think of a piece of metal, like a cymbal, being struck—or they imagine a tin roof shack. The sound vibrates and richoches. But when a sheet of metal is laid flat over an underlayment and struck: No sound! Some of our clients who have a metal roof claim that the weather is less noticeable than when they had a shingle roof. 

Our metal roofs are class 4 rated for hail—this means it’s not going to dent. One of the manufactures we use—[and we are certified installers of]–is Petersen Pac-Clad. They offer top rated U.L.  metal products and are known for their stunning architectural projects throughout the world. [click here to view some of their projects, images with permission and courtesy of Petersen Pac-Clad] One of our favorite stories of how invincible metal is as a roofing and siding material is on the Petersen Pac-Clad website. Hurricane Katrina hit a home which was entirely covered with Petersen Pac-Clad roofing and siding. The home was filled with 26 feet of water. Filled!  Here’s the quote from the architect and owner of the home

Stumm planned The Halfway House to be hurricane proof and Katrina proved the integrity of Stumm’s design.  “There’s no wood on the house,” Stumm says.  “All of the columns and exterior elements are covered with PAC-CLAD material.  We had no structural damage and the Snap-Clad roof held tight.  But there was 26’ of water in the house.  We gutted the living quarters on the second floor, hosed it out and put up new drywall.  It’s as good as new!”