Why Should I Choose a Metal Roof?

Metal Roof on house

A Metal Roof is the single most important thing you can do for your home. The advantages of a metal roof over a shingle roof are infinite.

Shingles are the dinosaur of roofing and are nearly obsolete. Shingles don’t last the 25 years the company says they will. They last 12-to 18 max. The making and disposal of shingles produces tremendous and dangerous waste. Click here to read an article listing toxins and health hazards. Shingles are petroleum based and from day one, they’re in a slow but gradual state of decomposition. When you order new shingles to replace your old shingles, the old ones must be torn off. This debris then goes on to break down in landfills.

Enter Metal Roofing. While shingles degrade, a Metal Roof is one and done. Metal roofing is superior to shingles because it’s going to last those 25 years—and beyond. You can actually get a life time warranty with a Metal Roof. If your existing shingle roof is water tight, The Metal Roof Company will be able to lay your new metal roof over your existing shingles, preventing the mess of tear off and saving one more load of shingles from decaying in the dump. A metal roof saves you on energy bills. Click here to read about the energy savings of a Metal Roof.

When you have a Metal Roof, your home insurance is discounted. Insurance companies offer a discount on a metal roof because our material is rated Class 4 for fire, hail and wind. Class 4 rating means that a metal roof can withstand winds of up to 125 miles an hour. Insurance companies wouldn’t give this discount unless they knew that a homeowner having a metal roof saves on loss prevention, repair, weather and fire damage and roof replacement. A metal roof will also earn you energy star tax credits.

Aside from the practical benefits of having a metal roof, you house will look terrific. Nothing beats the clean, crisp aesthetic of a metal roof. Many of our clients tell us their house is the best-looking home on the block because of their new metal roof. With many of our clients, we also match a garage or a shed with the home’s metal roof color and we even install matching or complimentary gutters, nicely tying your homes look all together.

The return of investment rate on a Metal Roof is off the charts: A Metal Roof has a ROI of 97%. This means that if you spend $10,000 on a metal roof you will see $9,700 added to your property value if you put your home on the market.

A metal roof is the most attractive roofing choice for a potential home buyer. The Metal Roof Company has over 50 colors and patinas to choose from. Click here to see our color choices by manufacturer. We work with all local and regional manufactures and even offer copper and tarnished copper patinas.

At The Metal Roof Company, we’re passionate about metal. We want to educate you on why it’s the best choice for your project. We’re family owned, with a low overhead and in many cases, we can install a metal roof for less than shingles. Click here to learn how a metal roof from The Metal Roof Company costs compared to shingles.