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Blue Rib Metal

Rib Metal

Rib metal is the most common type of metal roofing in Powell, OH. It is a quality style with all the benefits of metal roofing from increased protection to a longer lifetime. Rib metal roofing suits most buildings and comes in a variety of colors straight form the factory.

Standing Seam

Standing Seam

Standing seam is another style of metal roofing that can bring an amazing look to any structure in Powell, OH. With a unique design and variety of colors standing seam is perfect for almost any application. Ask our sales team about the benefits of standing seam.

Metal Roof on house

Roof Installation Services

We provide expert roof repair and replacement for homeowners and business owners in Powell, OH. From shingles to shakes and metal, The Metal Roof Company roofs just about any kind of residential or commercial structure.

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Gutters are essential to any roof and structure in Powell, OH. Gutters protect your building from harmful runoff that can damage foundations and vital structural pieces. Gutters are not only a sound investment for your home our business but are absolutely necessary.

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Winter can be brutal to your roof in Powell, OH. Snowbars are great for protecting that new roof and everything below it. Snowbars can stop snow from falling onto people or objects below your roof edge. Snowbars are cheap insurance for your roof.

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With our skylights you can invite natural lighting right into your home and brighten up a dark area. When we install your new roof we can replace an existing skylight or add new ones to your existing home in Powell, OH. Just ask our sales representative.


Rubber Roofs

We provide rubber roofs for some clients in Powell, OH. They are best suited to flat roof areas that will receive heavy wear and hold heavy loads of snow and water. We can install these quickly and without hassle. Let us know if you’d like a rubber roof.

stone coated shingles steel

Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Stone coated steel roofing is the pinnacle of roofing technology in Powell, OH. These roofs have all the benefits of metal roofing with protection and aging but can look exactly like shingle and slate roofs. Make your home beautiful with one of these special roofs.

designer shingles

Designed Shingles

Some structures have a classic look. In order to keep that look you may need to stick with an original looking roof or one that is similar to older styles. By getting shingles designer made for your structure you can keep that classic look in Powell, OH.


Standing Seam Roofs in Powell, OH

Brown Metal Roof on Ohio house

Mechanical Seemed Roofs

“Mechanical Seamed” is one type of standing seam metal roof in Powell, OH. It’s the top choice for residential and commercial metal roofing projects when the pitch of the roof is low. This type of standing seam is your absolute water tight solution for a low grade on a roof. Where you would normally only have the choice of a rubber TPO product on a low pitch, we can install a mechanical seam product to your low slope keeping it water tight and with all the aesthetic and value of a metal roof. How the mechanical seamed metal panels differ from a traditional standing seam is that the seams are mechanically crimped to allow zero penetration of elements. The panels also create structural stability.

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Snap Lock Roofs

“Snap lock” metal roofing in Powell, OH is another type of Standing Seam and comes in a variety of different clips and integrated hems depending on panel profile. The term “snap lock” means there’s a female and male tab on each panel which “snap” and then “lock” into one another. Both the mechanical seamed and snap lock types have concealed fastener’s which means no exposed screws.

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Rib Metal Roofs in Powell, OH

Metal Roof on house

About Rib Metal Roofs

Rib metal is going to be your best economical choice for a metal roof in Powell, OH. For a residential rib metal project, typically you’ll need 29 gauge. For commercial applications, 26 gauge is your best option because it offers more structural stability than 29 gauge.

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Nothing but good things to say. Owner Dan is very professional and took the time to answer all of our questions and to make sure we were satisfied with our new roof. Also, the crew that came out to replace our roof worked tirelessly and did and incredible job – thank you Adrian and crew!!
Brandon Mace

Very pleased with the result. The installation went very steady with a hard working crew that started early and worked until dusk with a short lunch break. The price was quite reasonable and was less than a quote from one of the areas better known shingle roofing contractors. I would recommend The Metal Roof Company for your next roofing project.

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Thank you for a great roof,siding and gutters. No more worries about shingles blowing in the wind or maintenance. All questions answered quickly and in detail. What great people and company to have worked with.

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