Metal Siding with your Metal Roof

huber heights westerville red metal siding house

When considering repairing or replacing the siding on your home, be sure to take a look at Metal Siding.

Why Metal siding you may ask?    When looking at Metal siding over the standard vinyl siding,  there are several key benefits to consider.

Durability –  Durability is the biggest area where metal is superior to vinyl.  Both offer protection to your home, when it comes to durability, especially when dealing with  severe weather, metal is the long term winner. Metal siding  has a longer lifespan and stands up  for strong winds, excessive moisture, and hail.

Maintenance – Cleanup for Steel and vinyl are quite easy to work with. Metal requires basic upkeep and a casual rinse is all it needs to stand clean in most conditions. Heat, wind, and sun take their toll on vinyl over time, but metal stands up to the elements with greater longevity and lower requirements to keep it looking great.

Recyclability –  For homeowners who want to ecologically responsible,  steel is an in demand material and is easy to recycle within your community.

So if you are looking to replace the siding on your home and are curious about metal.  Contact us today at 614-721-7663.



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