Is it Time For A New Roof?

When looking to improve your Ohio home, re-roofing can be one of the larger decisions you will make. And two key parts to this decision are both your financial perspectives and  your timing perspectives. If you wait too long, you risk damage to your roof and home.  A failing roof can result in water leaks, mold, and damage to the interior of your home.  Financially, putting on a new roof can mean either spending a large amount of cash or acquiring a loan for financing your new roof.  With these weighty questions, it is not surprise that most people view re-roofing as a stressful yet unavoidable part of home ownership.

Here are a few signs that it may be time to consider reroofing.

  1. Missing or loose roofing material…this
    includes either a large quantity of missing
    material or a re-occurring issue that has to
    be addressed frequently.
  2. Damaged roofing material which may
    include curling, cracking, blistering, staining
    or breakage…anything that visually
    indicates the material is reaching the end
    of its life.
  3. A sagging roof…this could indicate your
    roof is weak and deteriorating, it was
    improperly installed or that it might be
    supporting too much weight.
  4. With asphalt roofing, when there are large
    amounts of granules in your gutters,
    downspouts or anywhere there is water
    run-off from the roof. Shingles typically lose
    more and more granules as they age, leaving the shingle unprotected. Over time the shingles become brittle and fail, allowing
    water to enter your home.
  5. Exposed or loose nail heads which could
    mean increased susceptibility to water
    penetration and potential leaks in the roof.
  6. Any water damage inside your home
    or attic may indicate that your roof has
    deteriorated. This increases the chance of
    mold and mildew growth which can result
    from inadequate roof ventilation.
  7. Missing or damaged flashings, curbs
    or roof jacks increase the opportunity for
    water to leak into your home.
  8. If your heating or cooling bills have
    gotten noticeably higher. This may be
    a result of insufficient attic ventilation which
    may impact airflow and prevent moisture
    from leaving your attic. A damaged or
    leaking roof will also allow water into an
    attic. The Department of Energy states
    every 10% increase in moisture content
    within the insulation equals a 25% loss in
    the R-value, the ablity to insulate the home.
  9. Depending on your roof composition, the
    age of your roof alone may be a good
    indicator it’s time to be replaced.
    Further, if the roof was installed over the
    top of the previous roof (example: shingles
    on top of shingles), then you may need to
    replace your roof even sooner.

Is your roof showing any of these signs?

It might be time to start planning for a new roof. 

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