Stay cool in Ohio with an energy efficient metal roof

An Energy Efficient Metal Roof

Ohio’s Summer heat is here, and on hot and humid days nothing is better than a nice air conditioned home.  But if your roof is heating up your home, your central Ohio electric bill is going to be far higher than it needs to be. What your home needs is an energy efficient metal roof.

When it come to energy efficiency, dark colors like black and brown asphalt shingles are not Energy-Star rated because the absorb heat instead of reflecting it. With an energy efficient metal roof, you have the benefit of your roofing reflecting away the rays of the sun.

metal roof energy efficient

Metal Roofs are one the most energy efficient options available. Because metal roofs have a low thermal mass, they reflect light and heat rather than absorbing it like asphalt shingles. By doing this, instead of making your home hotter during the summer months, metal roofing actually helps keep it cool.  By increasing the energy efficiency of your home by reducing energy costs, you can lower your bills by 40-50 percent in warmer months in Ohio.

Asphalt shingles trap heat from the sun which increases you indoor temperature by 20 degrees or more, often in the greatest heat trap of your house, your attic. Also asphalt shingles are more susceptible to sunlight and adverse weather conditions and breakdown. As they breakdown, you increase your risk of higher energy bills.

The reason metal roofs are so energy efficient is due to their material type, and their variety of finishings.  Even unpainted metal roofs do a better job of reflecting heat, but with pre-painted and coated metal roofing products your home will be much cooler as they reflect a majority of solar radiation instead of absorbing it into your home.

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