Cost savings of Metal versus Shingles

Metal Roof on house

When we do shows, such as The Home and Garden Show in Columbus, Ohio, we meet hundreds of homeowners. What we hear many times is that they want a metal roof but can’t afford it. They had some other company come out to give them an estimate and it was sky high.  They then think metal roofing is out of their price range. These people become our clients.

When a roofing company that primarily sell’s shingles comes out to price you on a metal roof, their price includes a lot of extra costs. Since metal roofing isn’t their primary business, they are going to give you an estimate that gives them their 30% to 50% margin right off the top. Then they call us to see if we will install your metal roof. They order your metal roof from a manufacturer they do little business with and they pad the price of your metal.  These factors are why an estimate for a metal roof from a shingle company is so high. 

When you work with The Metal Roof Company, you’re going to be working with the best company for the quality and price of your metal roof. One of our favorite things to tell people is that we can install a metal roof in some cases for Less than the cost of shingles. There are different types of metal to choose from and our most basic rib metal is cost comparable to shingles and looks sharp. This is a top choice for a rental or a home where you don’t have a lot of budget to work with but you still want all the benefits of a metal roof.

We’re family owned and don’t have a fleet of commission hungry sales people. You’ll always be working closely with the owner himself, Dan Toland. Dan has been in the roofing business going on 14 years. We have long standing relationships with our metal manufactures and this translates to the lowest price for our clients. We have a modern on-line platform and don’t have overhead costs. These factors are why your metal roof with The Metal Roof Company is going to be the best choice. We have a BBB rating of ‘A’ , a great gallery of projects here, ,and a long list of excellent Google reviews from happy clients.