Metal Roof Colors from our Manufacturers

Metal Roof on house

Each manufacturer has it’s own unique set of metal roof colors. Many companies have similar or matching names of colors but compared side by side, there’s a slight difference.

We’ve found that some of our clients really want to look at how Copper Penny looks from company to company or find just the right shade of Red.

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  1. Michael - The Metal Roof Company, Analyst says:

    TMRC is building a color database for our customers like no other. Keep an eye out for our launch. It is still a work in progress so check back for more content! We will be able to show you the wide array of colors that are available in whatever Type of Metal panel or Steel shingle you choose, by showing you completed jobs in the area. Whatever the color need, we will find you the perfect product. We are proud installers of Boral Steel, Classic Metal , PAC-Clad, Metal Exteriors, Buckeye Metal , First Choice , Weaver’s , EDCO, and Metal Specialists like Rick Bond* , and many more. We have the long standing relationships with the manufacturers and specialists, with access to the products and color choices you need , and the best people to install it. We work to save you money by choosing the best Metal vendor for your particular need, and our great relationships with Manufacturers and Distributors in the Region, allow us to forge cost savings that we pass onto you! We are family owned and we take pride in our work. Our staff is here to serve you.

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